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Originally Posted by Robert 13
I wish they would speed up the releases too. I, actually, like Season 6. There are a few episodes that are hysterical like when Nell is stuck outside the window and when Joey becomes a gigolo and Nell tries to please her boss by bringing his daughter and Joey together.

I also received an e-mail from VEI.

Gimme A Break S/3 will be released but not on or before the Christmas season. The projected released date for the subsequent season will be in early 2009.

So it looks like the next season is coming. Hopefully, Seasons 3 & 4 will be released in 2009. Let's all be sure to buy the next set to make the release a huge sales success.
Wow well this is a relief. I haven't gotten an email from them yet but it certainly does appear to be on their schedule. I will definitely buy S3 & plan to buy all seasons. This is one show that I would buy a complete series set of if it came out tomorrow. This is great news although I wish it were sooner. But I waited this long, right!

I have a feeling that seasons one and two actually sold pretty well for them. I think they were reluctant to release season three because of high music costs for season three (I think that's when a lot more music started being used) and they were waiting to see if Universal would release more seasons here in the States. Apparently they waited on Universal enough and feel confident that they could make enough profit on the subsequent seasons. I mean really, how much could they be making on their stupid crap shows like Cheaters that they sell?

I only hope that the episodes are complete & music better NOT be replaced or omitted. VEI's track record is good though for music on their DVD so they better not disappoint us.
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