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It took a while but I've also finally found the new fall schedules for a couple of independent stations that operate primarily in Southern Ontario but can also be seen in other parts of Canada.


---SUN TV is owned by Sun Media, publishers of the Toronto Sun and other daily newspapers across Canada.


6:00 am to 11:00 am Various shows
11:00 AM People’s Court
12:00 PM Ready Or Not
12:30 King Of Kensington
1:00 Danger Bay
1:30 Beachcombers
2:00 Paid Programming
2:30 My Secret Identity
3:00 A-Team
4:00 Incredible Hulk
5:00 America’s Funniest Home Videos
5:30 CANOE Live (Local programming)
6:00 Super Dave Osborne
6:30 Scrubs
7:00 Becker
7:30 George Lopez



8:00 World’s Most Amazing Videos
9:00 One Tree Hill

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

8:00 Movies


8:00 Smallville
9:00 Supernatural


8:00 Forensic Factor
9:00 Movies


10:00 To Serve and Protect (Mon-Thu)
11:00 The Grill Room (Local Sports)
11:30 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
12:00 AM Comics Unleashed



8:00 Dateline NBC
9:00 Boston Legal
10:00 48 Hours Mystery
11:00 To Serve and Protect
12:00 AM Bikini Destinations


7:00 60 Minutes
8:00 The Game
8:30 Girlfriends
9:00 Boston Legal
10:00 King Kaboom (whatever that is)
10:30 Street Eats (Local program)
11:00 To Serve and Protect
12:00 AM Bikini Destinations

For me, what stands out here is the fact that "Leave It To Beaver" has been removed from the daytime lineup which, in my mind, is considered an unforgivable sin. (Damn, I wish I had RTN!)


CTS stands for Crossroads Television Systems. (Remember that now. I'm not typing it again!) It is mainly a Christian religious channel based in Burlington, Ont. which is about a 40 minute drive south of Toronto. CTS operates stations in Ontario and Alberta, where it owns studios in Calgary and Edmonton. During the afternoon, it shows reruns of classic sitcoms and dramas that they feel are suitable for family audiences. As of Sept. 1, their lineup will look like this:

6:00 AM to 3:30 PM Religious programming and talk shows

3:30 PM The Hogan Family/Saved By The Bell (after Christmas)
4:00 The Facts Of Life
4:30 Family Matters
5:00 7th Heaven (also shown at 7 pm on weekends)
6:00 Family Ties
6:30 Full House
7:00 Laverne and Shirley
7:30 Happy Days

8:00 PM to 6:00 AM More religious programming and talk shows

Overall, it's not bad but not great either. The best you can say is that there should be something for everyone's liking.

This takes care of Canadian fall schedules Part 1. I'll begin Part 2 next week.
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