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Exclamation Legendary Happy Days Duo Reunite in New Series

Legendary Happy Days Duo Reunite in New Series
Monday July 14, 11:25 am ET

Source: Brainstorm, Inc.

NEW YORK, July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Don Most and Anson Williams, who starred as Ralph and Potsie on the long-running sitcom, HAPPY DAYS, have reunited to produce a new series, TAKE 2.

"Each episode of TAKE 2 is like a short independent film," says Williams, "and will reunite different iconic duos of the present and past, but in all-new stories, as completely different characters. They'll still have the established on-screen chemistry that audiences know and love -- but I think people will be stunned when they see just how different they can be."

The duo announced the upcoming series at the recent Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) convention in Las Vegas, where they were presented with the Legendary Television Duo Award in June.

In addition to executive producing the series, the pair also star in the pilot episode.

"The timing of this award is perfect," said Most, in his acceptance speech, "because we just finished shooting a pilot together, TAKE 2, that will bring together other famous duos in a whole new way."

The show was conceived by David P. Levin of Brainstorm, Inc. after seeing the work of an award winning New York playwright, Fred Stroppel. "Fred's work blew me away. Dozens of these short, quirky one-act, two-person comedies. I wanted to find some way to put that brilliant work on-screen."

Around the same time, Levin was producing a series for TV Land that had him working with literally hundreds of iconic stars of the past and present. "The concept and title hit me in a second."

"I thought about Lemmon and Mathau or Tracy and Hepburn. The reason they worked together over and over again was because they had chemistry on-screen. In our favorite TV shows growing up, you saw that same kind of chemistry -- Ralph and Potsie, Will and Grace, Laverne and Shirley. Why not utilize that already established chemistry -- bring together these beloved stars - in these provocative scripts that Stroppel had written?"

Levin called up Anson, told him about the idea. "I got it immediately. I read the material, and loved it," said Williams. "Fred's work is like a cross between Neil Simon and Quentin Tarantino. Surprising, funny, provocative."

Williams brought in his former co-star, Don Most, and offered to direct the pilot. "Rather than wait for someone to green light it -- we went out and shot the pilot ourselves. It gives the piece a cool, indie film feel."

"The hardest part," said Most, "was deciding which one we wanted to shoot -- they were all so good."

Williams is enthusiastic about the potential of the series. "Don and I starred in the first one. But just imagine the possibilities for other on- screen reunions. Whether it's stars of TV or movies or even music -- TAKE 2 really breaks the mold -- and will open people's eyes to a lot of very talented people out there who can do a lot more."

The first episode is titled "HARVEST TIME". It stars Anson Williams and Don Most. Co-star is Beth Littleford. Directed by Anson Williams. Written by Frederick Stroppel. Produced by Jory Rosen. Executive produced by David P. Levin, Don Most, Frederick Stroppel and Anson Williams.

To see clips, go to: www. /Take2Entertainment

I LOVE the Clips ... and can't wait to see the whole Pilot !!!!

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