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Originally Posted by Jude86
Nice argument and logic. too bad we can't hear Eric Monte's views or even the late Mike Evans, both of whom co-created the show. I do know in one episode Florida referenced having previously being a housekeeper. But of course, she never says anything about Maude or New York. A few sentences in episode 1 could have taken care of a lot of debate. Also the Evans family makes it out to seem that they have been living in that urban housing project for YEARS. So how can the characters been in NY previously? You know, I once disagreed with Sol, but the more you think about it, the more logical his reasoning becomes. I settle the matter by saying Good Times is a quasi-spinoff. Sort of like how Mama's Family is a quasi-spinoff of The Family sketches on Carol Burnett.

Yup, and when florida said she was a maid she never said where-lol
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