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Originally Posted by DSfan
Actually, I'm pretty sure the last time it was on national TV was in 2001-2002 on TNN, now Spike TV.

I am lucky enough to already have it on Peachtree and I've been recording them all incase the DVDs never get released.

Now, with it also on BET, I guess it's just the more the merrier

I was actually about to get BET off my digital tv because I have a package where you pick certain channels and I was thinking to replace BET since I watch it for a music video about 3 times a year lol.

Definetly keeping the channel now!
Ooooh yeah, I forgot all about it being on TNN. Actually, for a second, I forgot TNN even showed old TV shows after it stopped being The Nashville Network. If I remember right...there was DS, and "Three's Company," and "Newhart," and "WKRP in Cincinnati," and "The Wonder Years," and I even think I remember "Taxi" too.
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