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Solomon, your rants are getting shorter-LOL. Last week I thought it was short, but this week it was even shorter!

IMO, the reason they're not releasing the DVD's is because people think they can watch any time they want to on NAN. All they have to do is turn on the TV and it'll be on-LOL. Plus, I heard season 4 sales were not good at all (according to Gord Lacey at, it sold just half the units Full House S4 did), but can you blame people for not buying them? I sold all 4 of my sets awhile ago, and don't miss them a bit.

With the TVland thing, they're marathons are really odd. They're airing tons of I Love Lucy (which I love, but already air it a lot), plus some Sanford and Son and Andy Griffith, at weird times, plus they got those movies airing in there - it makes no sense. Why not just air a night of Thanksgiving episodes from all different TV Shows? That's more Thanksgiving than airing episodes of shows that aren't Thanksgiving-related.
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