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"TV Land should go back to exclusive showings of Classic TV sitcoms and series. (50's-80's only.) Forget the other stuff!"

I agree whole-heartedly but I fear it will never happen. Just look at the long list of networks to go down the drain: TVLand, N@N, Hallmark (once known as Odyssey), Game Show Network, MTV (remember when they were 24 hour video channel?), VH1 Classic , Comedy Channel (once known as Ha!), Biography, WGN, WTBS, ESPN Classic (used to be Classic Sports TV), and the list goes on and on.

American Life Network (once known as the Nostalgia Channel) is the only one left that has not been ruined...yet. I have made the decision that the only way I am going to see the shows I want is to buy them on dvd, studio release or "grey" area from places like I-Offer. Other than watching current sports I have given up on television.
Bring back my B&W TV Shows !!
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