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Default Chiken's Wings aren't made to Fly.

Here' the first part, Enjoy!!

Norm Rolls over and Pick up his cellphone, Fiddles with it a bit and put it’s up to his ear.
“’Ello...?” He mumbles.
“Norm!!” A familiar voice cries on the other end.
“Sammy...?!” Norm asks.
“You remembered my name!” Sam laughs along with Norm.
“Gee, Sammy, Great to hear from you, what’s it been, a whole year now?” He asks trying to remember the last time they talked.
“Almost, You came to my forty-sixth birthday. That’s the last I saw you.”

NOTE: I have changed the ages around for my convince. Making them younger makes everything easier. Everything has still happened, Diane and Rebecca have past, as well as the final episode, I have just made them about 20 years younger than normal. Work with me here.

“So much for ‘stay in touch’” Norm Chuckled. “So Sammy, why the sudden call..? I was catching a few Z’s before I finish painting this wall.”
“Ahh, Still working for Larrie’s Painting Co.?”
“No, Vera’s bathroom”
“Ahah. Nice. Listen Norm, Have you been talking to Cliff?”
“Here and there, Why?”
“Iv already talked to Carla, Fraiser and Woody, and now I’m here with you. We are having a reunion party. I’m hosting it. Will you come?”
“Sure, Sammy! Ill get hold of Cliff If you want me too, Or just give you his number, he has a girl now you know. Name’s Jelean. Anyway, his Number is, uhh.. 559...-9021.”
“Okay thanks Normy.” Sam says after writing it down.
“So why the party Sam..?”
“Well, Norm, I’m reopening Cheers."
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