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Originally Posted by TV DVD Fan
Solomon, for one time I can say I completely agree with you 100 percent on this one. Even if we WERE talking about TV DVD's released by Sony for ALL decades, SEINFELD still wouldn't be an excuse for the other pure crap that Sony releases. Sometimes I'm actually ashamed to have that Sony logo gracing certain DVD sets of mine, namely ALL IN THE FAMILY, one of my all-time favorite shows, but the presentation is like "Wow, they took all of 3 milliseconds to process this design." Totally non-creative, non-provoking, non-stimulating, and lackluster. The inside of the ALL IN THE FAMILY boxsets contains all of one full-sleeve photo of the series, which holds the episode booklet and crappy previews book. COME ON! It simply sucks, even shows with no extras can usually at least be colorful and the sets themselves can be fun to look at. But it's just "bleh" with 95 percent of Sony Television's library, classic or modern. Take a look at STELLAR sets like the best-of OZZIE AND HARRIET, or the always colorful sets of HANNA-BARBERA properties: just do SOMETHING!

By the way Solomon, I got the perfect rant for you for next week: PARAMOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abandoned series, hit-and-run with extras (usually the first set contains a few extras then subsequent seasons have nothing), and another company with horrible packaging (well this is a new problem I have with PHE--- prior to FAMILY TIES Season One's situation, this never was a problem with PHE, they actually used to have great packaging).

Anyway, great rant this week Solomon, I feel like I'm ready to start a rally or something!

I just want some creativity when it comes Bonus Features on the DVD by Sony. Damm, just bring something to our attention about the show we don't know to make the DVD a great buy. All the Norman lear shows on DVD have NOTHING and that is ridiculous
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