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If you're confused by the little by little changes being made the first three days of next week, then here is the schedule that will eventually be taken place by Wednesday:

6:00AM Bonanza
7:00AM Star Trek

8:00AM Gunsmoke
9:00AM Gunsmoke
10:00AM Leave it to Beaver
10:30AM I Love Lucy
11:00AM I Love Lucy
11:30AM Green Acres
12:00PM Green Acres
12:30PM The Brady Bunch
1:00PM All in the Family
1:30PM TV Land Originals
2:00PM Gunsmoke
3:00PM The A-Team
4:00PM Miami Vice
5:00PM Bonanza
6:00PM Little House on the Prairie

7:00PM Gunsmoke
8:00PM The Andy Griffith Show
8:30PM The Andy Griffith Show
9:00PM M*A*S*H
9:30PM M*A*S*H
10:00PM The Jeffersons; TV Land Originals (Mon, Wed)
10:30PM The Jeffersons
11:00PM Sanford & Son
11:30PM Sanford & Son
12:00AM M*A*S*H
12:35AM The Andy Griffith Show
1:10AM Star Trek
2:20AM M*A*S*H
2:55AM The Andy Griffith Show
3:30AM The Jeffersons
4:00AM The Jeffersons
4:30AM Sanford & Son
5:00AM Green Acres
5:30AM Leave it to Beaver
*NOTE: When TV Land Originals are new Wednesdays at 10, the times are "normal" all night, and thus we get an extra Sanford & Son episode late night.

8:00AM The Flip Wilson Show
8:30AM Brady Bunch (Sat); Benson (Sun)
9:00AM Cheers (Sat); 227 (Sun)
9:30AM Wings (Sat); Night Court (Sun)
10:00AM TV Land Originals; Leave it to Beaver
10:30AM TV Land Originals; I Love Lucy
11:00AM TV Land Originals; I Love Lucy
11:30AM TV Land Originals; Green Acres
12:00PM Miami Vice (Sat); Highway to Heaven (Sun)
1:00PM-4:00PM Bonanza
4:00PM-8:00PM Gunsmoke
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