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Default Baio inaccuracies

RE: Scott Baio's reply on Fonzie's jacket...

"There was one that he would wear if he was on the motorcycle. There was one that he were on the set. And it changed. First there was that Jimmy Dean red jacket. Then it became another leather jacket, which is more realistic. Then there was the third jacket, which was, in my opinion, a little wimpy. It had elastic armbands and it wasn't black, it was brown--and that was sad."

There are a couple of factual errors in Baio's reply. He may want to try watching the show...

First, I'm sure there were duplicate leather jackets per season (wardrobe depts. always have duplicate clothes to account for damage and wear throughout the season). Second, yes, the leather jackets did change slightly throughout the series: pointed collar tips and shoulder epaulets during the first season, and more rounded collar tips and no epaulets during the later seasons.

However, although Fonzie did wear a windbreaker occasionally for the first couple of seasons (no studio audience/"Rock Around the Clock" intro) but the jacket was beige; not red. Ralph Malph wore a red windbreaker type jacket with "GEMS" written on the back.

The Fonzie character was only allowed to wear the leather jacket sparingly during the first season -- usually when he was on a motorcycle -- because conservative ABC execs didn't want a "hoodlum" on a wholesome primetime family show. It was after the character and series caught on that the leather jacket became a trademark and worn exclusively by the Fonzie character.

Also, Scott Baio was not on the show in the early season to be able to qualify what kind of jackets Fonzie wore in the earlier seasons. I believe the Chachi character came into the series around season 5 or 6. Fonzie's "nephew/cousin" Spike (Danny Butch) preceeded Scott Baio's Chachi character during the earlier seasons.

Finally, if you turn up the color on your TV, you'll notice that Fonzie's jacket was always brown; not black as often believed. A dark "seal brown" to be exact, and it always had elasticized cuffs -- not just the "third" jacket Baio refers to.

Finally, Fonzie's jacket was not "wimpy" because it was a stylized variation of the WW2 US Air Force A-2 flight jacket! Wimpy? I don't think so...

Scott Baio needs to get his facts straight or at least stick to the seasons where he was there!
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