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Exclamation The Actor Whose Father Never Saw His Performances

An well-known stage actor has never been able to get his own father to see any of his plays. His father thinks he's always jiving and kidding him about being in the play.

How did this happen? When the actor was just starting out in the theater, he told his father he'd be in a major Broadway production. The problem was, the actor played Joseph King, a walk-on character with no lines. If you blinked, you missed Joseph's appearance. Sure enough, his father went to see the play and couldn't find his son onstage.

When he called his son the next day, he delcared that he hadn't seen him perform and he wanted to know which part he was supposed to have played.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Dad," the actor answered. "I was only Joe King."

So. . . .
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