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Default Happy Days - Ayyyyy! Season 2 is coming - are you Happy?


Please treat this as a rumor, but we've received reliable news that CBS/Paramount has plans to release the second season of Happy Days on
April 17, 2007
roughly 2.5 years after the release of season 1. This is GREAT news for fans that assumed the series had been shelved due to poor sales and high music costs, though there's always the possibility season 2 will contain substituted music (we don't know if it will though, we're just bringing it up). This news isn't official until we hear an announcement from the studio, so please treat it as a rumor until then. The second season set will be joined by season 2 of Laverne and Shirley, both shows saw season 1 releases on August 17, 2004.

Here's a list of the season 2 episodes:

1. Richie Moves Out
2. Richie's Car
3. Who's Sorry Now?
4. You Go to My Head
6. Haunted
7. Wish Upon a Star
8. Not with My Sister, You Don't
9. Big Money
10. A Star Is Bored
11. Guess Who's Coming to Christmas
12. Open House
13. Fonzie's Getting Married
14. The Cunningham Caper
15. The Not Making of the President
16. Cruisin'
17. The Howdy Doody Show
18. Get a Job
19. Fonzie Joins the Band
20. Fish and the Fins
21. Richie's Flip Side
22. Kiss Me Sickly
23. Goin' to Chicago
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