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New Schedule Starting Sunday, November 26:

9:00PM Full House (Sun-Thurs)
9:30PM Full House (Sun-Thurs)
10:00PM Roseanne (Sun-Thurs) Full House (Fri-Sat)
10:30PM Roseanne (Sun-Thurs); Full House (Fri-Sat)
11:00PM The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Sun-Thurs); Roseanne (Fri-Sat)
11:30PM The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Sun-Thurs); Roseanne (Fri-Sat)
12:00AM The Cosby Show (Sun-Thurs); Fresh Prince (Fri-Sat)
12:30AM The Cosby Show (Sun-Thurs); Fresh Prince (Fri-Sat)
1:00AM-4:30AM Sun: Fresh Prince; Mon: Fresh Prince; Tues: Roseanne; Wed: Cosby Show; Thurs: Designing Women; Fri: Full House; Sat: Roseanne
4:30AM A Different World (Mon-Sat); Fresh Prince (Sun)
5:00AM Mad About You
5:30AM Murphy Brown (Mon-Fri); NewsRadio (Sat-Sun)
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