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A motorist was driving through the country when he came to a point in the road where the pavement ended. Seeing a farmer tending to his crops in the adjacent field, he called to the farmer. "Excuse me," he said, "can I get to Stanleyville this way?"

The farmer replied, "Of course you can."

Full of confidence, the motorist continued on to the unpaved road. Some time later, he ran over some jagged rocks which punctured all four tires and cut a hole in his oil pan, causing the car to run off the road in a briar patch and the engine to seize up.

The angry motorist walked back covered in briar thistles and axle grease. He came back to the field where the unpaved road began and found the farmer standing there. "I thought you said I get to Stanleyville that way!" the motorist yelled, as he pointed down the road.

"Sure," said the farmer. "But I didn't say it was easy!"

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