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Two priests die and go to heaven. St. Peter greets them at the pearly gates. "I'm terribly sorry, he says to them. "We don't have enough room for you up here. We'll have more room in two weeks. In the meatime, though, you can go back to earth as anything you want."

"Well," one priest says, "I would love to go back as an eagle and soar high above the Rockies.

"We can arrange that," St. Peter says. Turning to the other priest, he says, "And you?"

The other priest looks embarrassed. "Well," he says, "I'd like to go back as a glamourous stud."

The request strikes St. Peter as odd, but he agrees to arrnage it. The wishes of the priests are granted.

Two weeks later, St. Peter calls an escort angel to go back to earth to bring back the priests. "Where will I find them?" the escort angel asks.

"One priest will be easy to find," St. Peter answers. "He's an eagle soaring high over the Rockies. The other will be a little harder to find. He's somewhere in Dallas - as a rhinestone on a lady's purse."

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