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Default Similar Sitcom Plots/Themes

I thought I'd ask people to help me fill my list and add other "themes." Maybe we can get TV Land or some channel to run a special mini-marathon (aka Box Sets) of these themed-programming. I'm not including the obvious Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other holiday episodes. Even vacation episodes are obvious. But here are similar plot lines:

Sitcom Camping Episodes:
Brady Bunch
Sanford & Son
Three's Company
Hearts Afire
Perfect Strangers

Computer Dating Episodes:
Three's Company - Jack & Janet
Diff'rent Strokes - Mr. D being set up by Arnold & Willis
Hogan Family - Sandy set up by Mark & Willy
Green Acres - Ralph and Oliver and Lisa
The Honeymooners - "The Match Game" episode

Fake "Guru" Episodes:
Three's Company - Chrissy gets conned
What's Happening!! - Rerun gets conned
Charles in Charge - Jamie gets conned
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch - Richard Kline guest stars as the fake guru
The Ellen Show - John Ritter guests as a fake motivational speaker

School Mascot Stolen (Goat Usually) Episodes:
Brady Bunch - Greg steals the goat
Hogan Family - Willy & Mark I think bring the goat
8 Simple Rules - Rory I think brings the goat

Nude Modeling Episodes:
What's Happening Now!! - Raj models
Three's Company - Jack models
Charles in Charge - Young woman models, with little Adam watching
All in the Family - Gloria is the nude model

Running from the FBI:
Three's Company - Jack in drag running from them
What's Happening Now!! - Raj in drag running from them
Good Times - Cousin Cleatus

Baking Episodes:
Diff'rent Strokes - Willis & Arnold make brownies
Three's Company - Pie fight episode; Jack makes cookies as a grandma
Perfect Strangers - Bibibobkas!

Sitcoms on Game Shows (Fake or Real):
227 - various: Love Connection, WoF, Family Feud
Sanford & Son - Gong Show
What's Happening!! - Gong Show
Perfect Strangers - fake game show in "Games People Play" episode
Mama's Family
Golden Girls

Can anyone add on to these and add more categories?
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