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Episode info for the Sat marathons in Oct. is now announced:

Starting October 7, Saturdays at 8 p.m. will be kicked-off with the new half-hour series "i Health Presents ..." The series will take a look at cholesterol, diabetes, osteoporosis, among other health issues. The Saturday marathons will now be 8:30pm-11pm until further notice:

Saturday, October 7
8:30PM The Monkees: #21 The Prince and the Paupers
Davy stands in for his double, a threatened prince.
9:00PM The Monkees: #44 Hitting the High Seas
The boys uncover plans to hijack a ship carrying gold.
9:30PM The Monkees: #32 Monkees on Tour
Fans throng the Monkees' first concert tour.
10:00PM The Monkees: #13 One Man Shy
Peter competes with a snob for a debutante's heart.
10:30PM The Monkees: #30 Monkees in Manhattan
The boys try to find backers for their Broadway show.

Saturday, October 14
8:30PM Welcome Back, Kotter: #16 Dr. Epstein, I Presume ...?
Epstein decides to become a veterinarian.
9:00PM Welcome Back, Kotter: #22 Father Vinnie
Barbarino decides to become a priest.
9:30PM Welcome Back, Kotter: #23 Sweatside Story
The Sweathogs form a gang.
10:00PM Welcome Back, Kotter: #46 Buddy Can You Spare a Million?
Winning the lottery causes trouble.
10:30PM Welcome Back, Kotter: #21 The Deprogramming of Arnold Horschak
Arnold joins a religious cult.

Saturday, October 21
8:30PM The Partridge Family: #2 The Sound of Money
After a fender bender, an angry motorist (Harry Morgan) claims whiplash and sues the family.
9:00PM The Partridge Family: #16 Old Scrapmouth
Braces make Laurie self-conscious.
9:30PM The Partridge Family: #5 When Mother Gets Married
Shirley's romance with an old flame (John McMartin) concerns the kids; with Jaclyn Smith.
10:00PM The Partridge Family: #25 Princess and the Partridge
Keith dates a princess (Season Hubley).
10:30PM The Partridge Family: #80 Double Trouble
Keith has two Saturday night dates; guest Cheryl Stoppelmoor Ladd.

Saturday, October 28
8:30PM-11:00PM Amen Launch
Episodes TBD
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