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Thumbs up Here's the report...

From Studd911

Hey happy days fans have i got some good news for you finally our wait is almost over, i called paramount home video today, and i spoke to this guy named was david a real cool guy before i got get what i was about to asked him he told me that both happy days and laverne & shirley season 2 will be out sooner then later, he told me that they are still working on clearnce rights for both shows and they they would be commerically advertise, he told me that garry marshall himself wanted the series to be completed with all of the original music intact the boss wants what we the fans want if anybody wants to call paramount pictures home video for futher information please ask for david, he also told me that paramount website will be adding a few new thnigs in a couple of weeks and that is what i call wonderful great news, as for mork and mindy he said that season 2 will be out as well, well i wanted to report now remember if any body wants to call paramount on your free time please ask for dave my mission is completed now i can rest peace
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