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Originally Posted by Jenya
The only problem with TV Land Canada is any new shows they add, usually only lasts for 6 months. Maybe these will stay longer, since CHUM Ltd. just got bought up by Bell Globemedia Inc.
Which shows?

Originally Posted by Ireneparalegal
DALLAS shows on Soapnet. Right now it is the first season showing. This is abt the sixth time it has be rerun on Soapnet. Is Soapnet available in Canada?
No, we don't get SOAPnet.

Originally Posted by Jenya
"ADVENTURES IN RAINBOW COUNTRY"? That show is already on DejaView!

As if that dumb show could use another broadcasting on another classic TV channel!
I think TV Land Canada and DejaVu are both owned by the same companies so that show will probably leave DejaVu, if i'm right.
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