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well, with season 2, let's just be glad it's coming. The commentaries on season 1 weren't anything to write home about anyways.
Exactly. I found the commentaries to be pretty boring and I can definitely do without them on future releases. The other extras were decent, but nothing great. The episodes themselves (uncut for the most part) are what's important...

Looks like Arnold's Girlfriend might be syndicated version, since it is two-parts. Everything else looks right.
That's great if we only get one syndicated episode. (2 parts) I was expecting many edited multi-part eps on this DVD, which would have sucked. Thanks for posting that S2 info, Pav. I'm definitely excited about this set. I REALLY hope we get more DS sets in the future. It would be great if S3 was released shortly after S2, like Sony did with Jeffersons after a long wait for S3, but I'm not holding my breath.
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