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Originally Posted by HUNG UP!
well, with season 2, let's just be glad it's coming. The commentaries on season 1 weren't anything to write home about anyways.

However, I notice the back of the box says 24 episodes, according to, there were 26. Does this mean that this time, Sony will be presenting the two two-parters as one complete episode as opposed to the way they were handled in season 1? I know Sony's been able to present hour long episodes in their entiries on the Seinfeld sets before.
Good obsvervation. I think we will see the multiple part episodes as "one" episode, at least the ones that aired like that originally. DS S2 had 4 two-part episodes. Three of them aired in the one-hour format and the other (The Adoption) aired as a two part episode. So, 24 episodes seems strange, it should be 23. Maybe one of the three hour episodes will be in two parts?
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