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UPI -- Monday, February 25, 1985

It wasn't perfect, but considering it was the first live broadcast of a TV situation comedy in almost 30 years, the stars of the ''Gimme a Break'' series, were happy they had pulled it off with no major goofs.

''A few things went awry,'' confessed director Hal Cooper after Saturday [Feb. 23rd] night's show. ''Some of the cues weren't perfect. But everyone did his homework and was familiar enough with the material so it didn't make a difference.''

After the live telecast, which was tape-delayed on the West Coast, champagne was uncorked in a control room celebration at Metromedia Square's cavernous Stage 6.

There were no fluffs and no one forgot or stumbled over lines, perhaps a testimony to the fact that several of the show's actors are veterans of the live Broadway stage.

For star Nell Carter, who won a 1978 Tony Award for ''Ain't Misbehavin,''' the live experience was pure theater.

''I started on Broadway and this is the closest I've ever come to being back,'' she said as the cast and crew watched the tape-delayed show. ''It was like doing Broadway for more money -- a lot more money.

''Was I nervous? Very. I knew there were a lot of people out there watching to see if we were going to mess up. But I always resented watching TV shows where everything was so beautiful and polished and nothing is real.

''Tonight we were real.''

The ''Gimme a Break'' episode centered on the disappearance and apparent drowning of a policeman that Carter was close to.

Cooper said it was the first time in about 30 years that a television comedy was televised live.
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