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Exclamation Ask Ausiello: Seasons 2 and 3 DVDs in '06

Take this with a grain of salt; this was the same guy who reported that NBC would air the "series finale" sometime this past summer. This seems legit, though; Jonathan Prince says he's in negotiations right now to get the DVDs out. Ausiello also says there's a chance we won't have to wait that long to see it, but he's being elusive. He also gives a synopsis of what happened in the unaired finale:

Question: Wow, knowing that you're a USC alum makes me a bigger fan of yours. Go Trojans! Anyway, I can't wait to find out more about the American Dreams alterna-finale, like you promised in last week's AA. Please tell me that Chris disappears from Meg's life and she ultimately ends up with her true love Sam! LJ

Ausiello: Well, the first half of your wish came true, LJ. Chris is definitely out of Meg's life. And I know this because brace yourselves, Dreamers, I've seen the elusive epilogue! Jonathan Prince sent a DVD copy to me via armored vehicle late last week and all I can say is it more than lived up to the hype. Now, before I present you with the highlights, let me assure you that, come hell or high water, you will see the ending, too. Worse case scenario: You'll have to wait for the Season 2 and 3 boxed DVD set, which will hopefully street sometime in '06. "We're in negotiations now," Prince says of the DVD. "And the epilogue would absolutely be included." But there's slight chance you won't have to wait until then. I can't get into specifics, but a top-secret plan is afoot that could bring the ending to you much sooner and cement my status as an American hero in the process. Hopefully, I'll have more to share in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here are some interesting facts/tidbits/spoilers about the climax to whet your appetite. Stop reading now if you prefer to wait for the real deal.

* The flashback-heavy capper is 10 minutes long, edited down from 20 minutes of raw footage.

* The only Dreams principals appearing in new scenes are Brittany Snow, Gail O'Grady and Tom Verica.

* Most of the epilogue takes place on a bus, with Meg now a junior at Berkeley heading to New York to visit Sam at Columbia. "This would have been the first time she's seen Sam in three years," says Prince.

* Meg meets a friend on the bus, and it's during their conversation that we learn that Patty went to Radcliffe, Roxanne married Luke and had a son named Woody Allen, and J.J. and Beth also married and had a son.

* At the last minute, Meg decides to get off the bus in Philadelphia, where she returns home and reunites with her mom and dad for the first time in three years.

Next week, Jonathan reveals what would have happened had Dreams gone a fourth season. (Hint: It's splitsville for Helen and Jack!)
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