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Originally Posted by RetroTVCollector
LOL-but they are all completly different tv shows. What does Silver Spoons have to do with Punky and Diffrent Strokes? What a stupid reason.
well, they probably count that Gary appeared on Silver Spoons once as Arnold.

Seriously tho, why aren't these being treated better on DVD?

I mean, I really have a hard time believing that more people bought Tour Of Duty than Diff'rent Strokes on DVD. IMO, Sony spends too much time on their 70's shows (yet oddly enough, not ODAAT, my fave 70's Sony title) and not enough on the 80's. A lot of people want FOL, SS and more DS on DVD. I understand why those shows aren't given the same care as Seinfeld, but they deserve better treatment than what they get. FOL is in TVShowsOnDVD's top 10 and Silver Spoons is pretty high as well.
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