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Default Nick@Nite June 2005 - NANiversary!; Fatherhood Father's Day

Nick@Nite June 2005 --

Regular schedule changes: None as of now

Specials and Marathons

- The Honeymooners Movie Stunt
Thursday, June 9
10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Et/PT

Join Cedric the Entertainer and Omar Epps, the stars of the upcoming “The Honeymooners” movie, as they host an evening of Nick@Nite programming! Featuring get-rich-quick episodes of Fresh Prince and Roseanne, this line-up reflects Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton’s attempt at making a fast buck.

10:00PM The Fresh Prince #92 – You’d Better Shop Around
Will withdraws from his university classes to become a successful car salesman.
10:30PM Fresh Prince #49 - Strip Tease for Two
Desperate to raise some money, Will and Carlton perform as male strippers at a party, not knowing that Vivian and Hilary are in the audience.
11:00PM Roseanne #85 - Bingo
Hoping to win big money, Roseanne becomes obsessed with playing Bingo. But her family is worried that her enthusiasm may turn into an addiction and leave her penniless!
11:30PM Roseanne #200 - Pennies from Heaven
Jackie rushes over to the Conners' to let them know that they've just won the lottery prize of $108 million. Everyone is stunned, but they soon begin fantasizing about how they'll spend the money. When they arrive at the lottery office with the ticket, their win is confirmed, but they learn that they'll have to wait several weeks to receive the first check.

- Fatherhood Father's Day
Tuesday, June 14 and encores on Father's Day, Sunday, June 19
9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. ET/PT
The Bindlebeeps are baaack. Arthur, Norma and the kids return for another season of family mayhem and fatherly wisdom. Join the Bindlebeeps as they maneuver the daily obstacles that at times could get in the way of being a close knit family.
This season welcomes guest voices from Jim Belushi, Don Knotts, and Malcolm Jamal-Warner!
9:00PM #214 - Behind Closed Doors
Dr. Bindlebeep discovers Angie has a boy in her room and thinks the worst, but all she was doing was working on a surprise slide show about Dr. Bindlebeep for an upcoming awards ceremony honoring him.
9:30PM #218 - A Star is Flunked (PREMIERE)
The best football player Central has might miss the big game against arch rival Jefferson because Dr. B flunks him!
10:00PM #215 - Wait 'Till Your Father
Roy gets a D on his report card and Dr. Bindlebeep accidentally smashes Roy's bike, and neither want to tell the other. (guest voice Jim Belushi)
10:30PM #107 - Privacy?
All Dr. Bindlebeep wants on this Saturday afternoon is some privacy, and that's all he can't get. When he ends up getting locked in the attic and finally finding some alone time, he comes across some family photos and realizes he's happiest with his family.
11:00PM #105 – The Lyin’ King
Dr. Bindlebeep is going to give a speech about truth in the media that evening and uses his captive family audience at the breakfast table to practice the speech and to preach about truth in general. (Of course, Dr. Bindlebeep leaves out the fact that he sneaks donuts during his morning walks and therefore often lies to Norma by omission.)
11:30PM #110 - Family Table
Dr. Bindlebeep wants to impress his father by having a family dinner. However with everyone's busy schedules, it's tougher to get the family together at the same time than it sounds.

New episodes for the month:
Tuesday, May 31 9:30PM #216 – The Second Family
The annoying John Kurtz and Angie are paired up in a mock marriage for social studies class, becoming an even bigger nightmare to Angie when Dr. B befriends Kurtz. (guest voice Don Knotts)
Tuesday, June 7 9:30PM #217 – The New Kid in Town
Dr. Bindlebeep plays matchmaker to Angie when she is crushed after a boy stands her up to a school
Tuesday, June 14 9:30PM #218 - A Star is Flunked (PREMIERE)
The best football player Central has might miss the big game against arch rival Jefferson because Dr. B flunks him!
Tuesday, June 21 9:30PM #219 – The Other Brother
Norma's ne'er-do-well bro arrives for a visit, stealing Dr. Bindlebeep's thunder at every turn. (guest voice Malcolm Jamal-Warner)

- NANiversary!
Tuesday, June 21 through Thursday, June 23
10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. ET/PT each night

This June, take a trip back to 1985 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nick at Nite. Tuesday through Thursday, June 21-23 from 10pm to 12am each night we’ll feature great shows from the 80’s like Kate & Allie, Silver Spoons, Growing Pains, The Facts of Life, Benson and Night Court! And stay tuned on the weekend of June 25-26, for 48 hours worth of shows from the 20 year history of Nick@Nite on sister network TV Land!

Tuesday, June 21
10:00PM Who’s the Boss? #22 "First Kiss"
Temptation threatens to singe employer/employee relationships when Angela and Tony find themselves alone "celebrating" Angela's birthday.
10:30PM Growing Pains #2 “Springsteen”
Jason embarrasses Mike at a Bruce Springsteen concert when they are interviewed together.
11:00PM Moonlighting #32 "Atomic Shakespeare"
A boy hoping to watch Moonlighting but forced to study Shakespeare instead daydreams about the cast performing their own version of The Taming of the Shrew complete with Petruchio Dave and Kate Maddie.

Wednesday, June 22
10:00PM Silver Spoons #69 “Head Over Heals”
Whitney Houston gets more than she expects during a visit to the Stratton household when Dexter decides to move to Los Angeles with the singing star.
10:30PM The Facts of Life #19 “Shoplifting”
Mrs. Garrett tries to exchange a gift from Jo, only to find it was shoplifted.
11:00PM Kate and Allie #17 “New Year’s Eve”
Experiencing a midnight nicotine attack, reformed smoker Kate awakes the whole household rummaging for a cigarette.
11:30PM Benson #130 “The Oval Office”
While being called in from President Reagan on account of a remark Benson made, Benson and the Governor reach The Oval Office, and while waiting for the President, the two get trapped in there.

Thursday, June 23
10:00PM The Cosby Show #24 “Cliff’s Birthday”
While Cliff snoops around trying to discover his special birthday surprise, a clever Clair has arranged for the Huxtable family to see legendary performer Lena Horne. Cliff is beside himself when Lena Horne dedicates a song to him and invites the family to her dressing room after the show.
10:30PM Family Ties #36 “Go Tigers”
Alex is both amazed and furious when a critical admissions interview at Princeton University is shattered by his hysterical sister Mallory, who feels her anger over discovering her boyfriend kissing another girl is more important than his college education.
11:00PM Cheers #60 "Teacher's Pet"
When Sam decides to return to school for his high school diploma, Coach decides to join him and the pair become star pupils - but for very different reasons. Sam is whizzing through his class with no apparent effort, which makes Diane suspect his grades aren't the result of his work in class, but of his work after class - with the teacher.
11:30PM Night Court #15 “Christine and Mac”
A brand new public defender has a rough first day in court, thanks to Harry and her over-protective father.
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