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Default E-mail adresses to save American Dreams

Other website chat-rooms and threads about trying to save "American Dreams" have suggested postcards are the best way to contact NBC executives Jeff Zucker and Kevin Reilly... and they may indeed be right.
but most folks may only think they can e-mail NBC's "general" e-mail address... and another thread has suggested those e-mails won't get forwarded to Mr. Zucker and Reilly. That's probably true... HOWEVER...

I used to work for NBC... and their e-mail system works as follows. The person's first name... a period... last name, then

So it's worth sending your e-mails DIRECT to Mr. Zucker and Mr. Reilly's offices at the following e-mail address.

JEFF ZUCKER e-mail is:

If you want to save American dreams... start sending those e-mails AND letters. i've sent e-mails to these addresses... and they HAVE NOT come back as "undeliverable"... so they are going to an office connected to these NBC executives.

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