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In defense of "tv".......there does exist PBS type channels that try to air educational programming.

In defense of NBC, they are in business and have to make money. The actors/actresses of major network shows pull in BIG DOLLARS. My friend was on a show for 3 years and I said "Wow, you must have pulled some big dollars".....and his reply was "I was on's not the same".

So we are NBC at AD.......not the WB.
Our actors/actresses make a lot more money than the WB people.
Our network HAS to pull in a lot more viewers than the WB.
Our network HAS to compete for the viewers the other major networks are trying to pull in..........with reality tv.

It's kind of a catch 22. We like our actors/actresses (actually, the parts they play......we don't really know them as people), but since they are on a major network, the "going thing" these days for the major networks seems to be "reality" shows.
Fortunately for me, all my friends DO NOT raise their children on tv. They instill the family values as parents themselves.
I hope America does the same. Nothing teaches like the parents being an example.

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