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Originally Posted by Steve M.
Oh, drat - I forgot, 2300 was the figure in British pounds! Still, when you convert 2300 pounds into U.S. dollars by the exchange rates of the time, it comes to $3700 - and that's still a ridiculously low figure. I think you're right - that VW was in need of restoration! An auction on another Beatles car, the Apple Corps Bentley, was a complete dud becasue the Beatles had done so much damage to the interior, it was hardly worth anything! John Lennon's psychedelic Rolls-Royce was the real Fab Four automotive prize.
Okay, the conversion you did makes more sense.
As we both have concluded, it probably does need work done. I've seen cars like that for sale in Hemmings for more than $3,700, and they were not on albums or anything like that.
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