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Exclamation 28 IF?

Here's one of the most famous Volkswagens ever.

This VW Beetle appeared on the cover of the Beatles's Abbey Road album; it belonged to a fellow who lived across the street from Abbey Road Studios. A bunch of maniacs, however, suggested that is was a "clue" pertaining to the idea that Paul McCartney was dead. The VW's license plate allegedly spelled out his age - 28 IF Paul had lived.

Actually, Paul McCartney was 27 IF still alive. The "I" is in fact a "1" - number ones on British license plates have no serifs on them - and the letter "F" indicates that that car was registered in 1968. A close look at the Volkswagen - the bumpers, the absence of louvers on the hood - will show that it is indeed a '68 Bug.

Its mere presence on a Beatles album cover, death rumors or not, made it perhaps the most valuable VW in history. It sold for $2300 at auction in 1986; it's currently on display at a museum in Germany.

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