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Cool Jetta!

We love Herbie!

And now, a Volkswagen we haven't covered yet.

Realizing that they lacked a small notchback sedan, Volkswagen decided that the best way to create one was to simply slap a trunk on its existing Golf/Rabbit hatchback. Voila! The Jetta was formed. Pictured below is a second-generation model.

While the Jetta (called by different names elsewhere) has sold respectfully on five other continents, here in North America it's VW's best seller. Americans and Canadians simply prefer cars with trunks over hatchbacks, and they also like affordable German cars. VW has never skimped on the Jetta's capabilties, though, and a sporty GLI version is also available. The 2006 Jetta goes on sale later this spring.
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