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Yay, random!

Originally posted by GeminiX1985
Heh... Speaking of the break room on L&S, there's been some great moments in there LOL
~ Shirley with her zipper broke and Squiggy fixing it, Lenny thinking that Squiggy did MORE than that
~ Laverne squeezing the h3ll out of the ketchup bottle.
~ Squiggy being made fun of 'cause of still living with his mother.
~ Lenny wanting Laverne to hold his fudgsical(sp?) and placing it on her uniform.

Tell me what i'm leaving out...


Laverne: Nothing irks me...

*Lenny & Squiggy enter and Laverne drops sandwich.*

I need to watch Once Upon a Rumor Would help if I knew where my tapes were at... *hits head* oh, duh, DVD...

I really have nothing productive to add to this conversation at the moment. Except that cats like to sleep on me.
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