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i work in the production Business guys! believe me when i say that "things take time" alot of time!

thankfully people like Judith go out get the ball rolling on such a project and there are a bunch that appreciate it.

dealing and convincing these production houses to release something on a new format can be like pulling teeth! ive been after universal for over a year now to release the "COACH" series onto DVD. i went ahead and made my own Coach DVD collection. over 100 + episodes i had stored onto a tivo drive onto DVD.

time consuming or what? anyone who has actualy built, NOT COPIED, but built their own DVD ground up will know what im referring to. its not as simple as buring a CD for tunes. i added interactive menus, re-transcoded the sound to Dolby digital etc..... it was a massive chunk of time. even though the studio has the resources to do it right, most of them are convinced alot of these old shows are dead and burried.

i wish you the best of luck Judith. When an update is posted, or even if the studio gives the green light for such a project, you will have still quite a bit of a wait.

i hope its released! or atleast.......i hope Nik @ nite will pick it up
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