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Default Re: Re: I've ordered mine

Originally posted by robyrob
i preordered mine too

i hope they replaced all of the scenes lost in syndication - it would be a ridiculous mess if they waited all this time to release it, and then did a half-assed job

Not just that... but hopefully they'll release it with the original music. (ex. Bye Bye Love in the scene outside of Arnold's where Howard goes into Arnold's looking for Potsie and Richie in "The Lemon").

In the syndicated version of Happy Days some spots have "generic oldie music" in place of "real' songs. (ex. Bye Bye Love, You Send Me, Wake Up Litttle Suzie,etc).

I have Happy Days recorded from a while ago and it has different music than these "later" airings.

Other episodes that contain these songs are:

The Election episode (Eisenhower VS Stevenson) - opening during credits (Wake Up Little Suzie)

The one where Richie thinks he has Mono from kissing Fonzie's girlfriend : the scene where they are at Inspiration Point (You Send Me)

The Holloween episode where Ralph comes out of the coffin, then everyone comes out from hiding where Potsie says Happy Holloween -- (Bye Bye Love plays in background)

Same episode - when everyone is dancing and Ralph turns out the lights (they are dancing to You Send Me)

There are other places that I can't think of at the moment.
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