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Originally posted by TJ
Over 300,000 visitors to the Silver Spoons site, I don't think they all found it by accident. There is clearly still a fanbase for the show.
Exactly! Sony doesn't think there will be an audience for the show...hello, have they heard of a certain group of people called "Children of the 80s"? People my age loved Silver Spoons! And we buy LOTS of DVDs. I think that most of the people who watched SS in its glory days, and who are DVD fans would buy the seasons.

Judith, I saw your posts on this topic on TV Tome by chance, and I was bummed out by the fact that Sony is having doubts about releasing Silver Spoons DVDs. I was actually kinda depressed by this. You might want to post that petition on as many SS sites and TV on DVD sites as possible...although it might not reach as many people as you'd like. As I said, I saw your info on TV Tome by chance. I don't frequent SS sites very often, but I still love the show, and like Todd said, there IS an audience for this show on DVD. I'm sure of it.
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