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Yeah come on
Happy days DVD"S
Three's company has them!!!
Wait,hold it I don't want anybody hurt because I did a dumd thing-Joanie

Oh,good he hit Potsie- A very scared Raplh.
When I want my kid brother to tell me what to do with my other kid brother, I'll ask you kid brother-Darry=The outsiders
Shouldn't we use the beans for gas-Lavrene
And tell me do you belong to a fretenty-Loribeth
She went to chicgo and became a nun. we stayed in milkwakee and became bimbos-Shirley
"you can wake up now the universe has ended" Jim Stark(James Dean)-Rebel Without A Cause.
"Where are the seudes?"-potsie
"Who Milly and Tilly, There in the kitchen Makin' chilli"-Leather
BUB bye for now!!! see ya!
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