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Post Hangin' with Mr. Cooper (posted)

"Hangin' With Mr Cooper" by Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy, performed by En Vogue)

Hey, yo! What's up? Where's my theme music?

Cooper! Hangin' with my friend, he's oh so cool (Cooper).
Sometimes bad and he sometimes acts a fool (Cooper).
Hangin' with my man, he's oh so fine (Cooper).

Yo, Coop, you're on!

I found a man who has a PhD in personality,
That man you found may be a catastrophe,
It's more of a reality.

He has the cutest smile, the girls go wild everytime they see his face.
He may be cute and all but that don't pay this month's rent (Cooper).
Hangin' with my man is such a high (Cooper).
Well, it's good to have a friend in both our lives (Cooper).

Count it out. Here we go. Here we go.
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