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You know...this really brings up an intresting question. What exactly *is* Fonzie's fighting style? I'm sure he dosen't have any one spifficic trained style of fighting...but it brings up question like...What's Fonzie's primary attack in fighting? There's a few hints that he punches more then anything...the refrenced fightscenes as well as the post-rumble scene when there's a reununion of "The Falcons" and Fonzie is talking to one of the members after they got into a rumble with their old's hinted from the scrapes on his hands that he punches more then anything else. seems that he has a habbit of grabing people by their shirts when he's threatening them. Could be he holds on to someone while he beats on them? Could explane why someone so small is so greatly feared? Also...wouldn't it make more sence for him to *kick* a little more? Those boots would have to hurt with enough force behind them...
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