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Originally posted by robyrob
maybe it was a difference in how that generation dealt with things, but I thought Richie was just acting goofy - just do what you want to do, and let them figure it out for themselves...

umm, why couldn't Richie write his scripts from anywhere and still work for the paper? I just didn't see what the big deal was... certainly did'nt see why he was directing it at the Fonz...
I think it was a rebellion delayed from the teen-age years. Richie had good parents and a great family, but he was tired of always being the perfect son for them. He was a man and they were still treating him like a boy with everything from his career to his mustache. Why couldn't Richie write scripts and still work for the paper? Because he was a man with his own family and his own plan. It was his last conversation with Ralph Malph that seemed to drive him over the edge. Ralph was clearly being lead by his father and Richie saw himself in him. Ralph told Richie the truth and it hurt. I could understand exactly what Richie was feeling.

As for his anger at Fonzie, no it wasn't fair, but many people misdirect their anger. That just made Richie human. I liked this two part episode and it may have been the best of those horrid final seasons.
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