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Default Re: Correct-a-mundo

Originally posted by Pat
You're right. I don't remember which ep it was but there where some guys that were ready to fight the Fonz. Fonzie told the one guy that he saved his brother's life.
Fonzie: "I'm Arthur Fonzarelli. I saved your brother's life."
Guy: "How did you save my brother's life?"
Fonzie: "I stopped hitting him."
Guy: "Oh, that Arthur Fonzarelli."

Yep , that was the ep where Roger became principal of Patton High and the students were harrassing him. Fonzie became super jealous that the school board hired Roger instead of him and spent the entire ep telling Roger how inadaquate he was. Then, just as a group of students were about to pound Roger in the end, Fonzie walked in and the kids scattered like hens.

BTW, we see Scott Baio's older brother in this ep. I think it's interesting how Patton High's "high school students" appear to be in their 30's.
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