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Hmmm....didn't Fonzie fight in the ep where Kat Mandu comes to town? I remember Father Delvecchio asked him not to fight until a certain time, but afterwards, I was thinking Fonzie fought those creepy guys.

I was thinking there were some shots of Fonzie with his gang kicking @$$ somewhere.....

I think what made Fonzie cool, was that he didn't have to fight. Everyone knew his reputation and didn't risk getting him worked up enough to fight. He was confident enough with who he was not to have to fight someone who didn't want to fight him (that would have made him a bully and hated-- rather than adored-- by millions). His whole persona served as a role model to kids, and the execs didn't want to push that fighting was cool. Now, Richie had to stand up for himself because a) he would be a coward if someone else (Fonzie) fought all his battles, and b) he would be a coward if he continually allowed others to push him around. The show's just making 2 very distinct points as illustrated by the characters of Richie and Fonzie. So, I don't know if it's fair to label one as cooler than the other, though opinions will certainly fluctuate.
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