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10-12-2001, 08:11 PM
Forgive me if any of these questions have been addressed before, but I'm kind of new and too lazy to scroll right now. :-)

1)why did Barney call Andy "Ange"?

2)why was Barney sometimes dating Thelma Lou, but sometimes calling Juanita for dates? Did we ever see Juanita?

3)What happened to Ellie the pharmacist? Did she move away? I liked her better with Andy than Helen.

4)Does anyone know if Jack Prince (Rafe) ever recorded any records? He had an incredible voice!


10-12-2001, 09:07 PM
I'm not a TAGS expert but I'll give it a shot.

1.It's a nickname made by combining the beginnings of Andy Jackson Taylor's first and middle names.

2.Thel was Barn's main girlfriend, but when they would have a fight or Barn just felt adventuresome he would call Juanita for a date. We never got to see what she looked like.

3.Elinor Donahue, who played Ellie Walker was in 12 episodes the first season. She decided to leave the show after that because she didn't feel comfortable working with Andy Griffith. AG has said that he had trouble expressing intimacy with women on the show.

4.I checked at AMG (All Music Guide) and found nothing about Jack Prince. He did have a great voice.

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10-12-2001, 10:46 PM
I only have an inkling about #2 and #3. Barney only talked to Juanita on the phone when no one else was around, although I seem to remember once or twice that Andy walked in quietly on him, and they both seemed to know this 'affair' (whatever its extent) between Barney and Juanita would be scandalous if talked about. I do not have my reference book with me, but I think that book mentions that Juanita's last name is said to be Beasley, which is also given as Goober's last name when he first appears. She works at the diner, so perhaps it is implied too that she has several of the married or committed men in town interested, playing up an old stereotype.

I think Ellie was just written out after the first season, at Eleanor Donohue's request. Andy Griffith did have trouble relating closely to women; and unfortunately the character Ellie was something of a threat to Sheriff Andy. She fought with him and held her ground, she made an evil-tasting concoction and gave it to him because he told Opie she was maneuvering him, she ran against him in a town council race... It must not have been very intriguing to play a threatening girlfriend to the 'star' who does not show much affection.

10-13-2001, 11:11 AM
Thanks so much, you all have been a big help!

10-13-2001, 08:15 PM
Yep, Juanita's last name is Beasley.

The first time Goober's last name is mentioned is in episode 150, 'TV or Not TV', he was called Goober Beasley. That was a writer's mistake that wasn't caught in time. Since he is Gomer Pyle's cousin, it was decided Goober should be a Pyle as well.