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Brett Ferino
12-26-2001, 02:50 PM
5:00 AM Care Bears
5:30 AM Care Bears*
6:00 AM Quack Attack
6:30 AM Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers
7:00 AM Pepper Ann
7:30 AM Doug
8:00 AM Hercules
8:30 AM Aladdin
9:00 AM Sonic
9:30 AM Bonkers
10:00 AM Goof Troop
10:30 AM DuckTales
11:00 AM Timon & Pumbaa
11:30 AM Darkwing Duck
12:00 PM Quack Pack
12:30 PM 101 Dalmatians
1:00 PM Chip 'n Dale
1:30 PM Rupert
2:00 PM Madeline
2:30 PM Winnie the Pooh
3:00 PM Hercules
3:30 PM Darkwing Duck
4:00 PM Teacher's Pet
4:30 PM Goof Troop
5:00 PM DuckTales
5:30 PM 101 Dalmatians
6:00 PM Chip 'n Dle
6:30 PM Timon & Pumbaa
7:00 PM Hercules
7:30 PM Aladdin
8:00 PM Doug
8:30 PM Doug
9:00 PM Pepper Ann
9:30 PM Pepper Ann
10:00 PM Teacher's Pet*
10:30 PM Darkwing Duck
11:00 PM Gargoyles
11:30 PM Gargoyles
12:00 AM Quack Attack
12:30 AM Blazing Dragons
1:00 AM Bonkers
1:30 AM Darkwing Duck
2:00 AM DuckTales
2:30 AM Mighty Ducks
3:00 AM Gargoyles
3:30 AM Gargoyles
4:00 AM 101 Dalmatians: The Series
4:30 AM Quack Pack
5:00 AM see above

*New or replacing a show.

*5:30AM Care Bears replaces Adventures of The Gummi Bears. So I do not know when Gummi Bears will come back to TOON Disney.

Also, TaleSpin has aired its Jolly Molly Christmas special, so It'll ne a while until you see TaleSpin again on TV. After all the episodes have been on hiatus since the middle of August.

Well, since many people probably watch The Care Bears, it probably has high ratings and Tummi and Baloo are probably given Toon Disney's pink slip...

This schedule begins Monday, January 7, 2002.

12-26-2001, 04:37 PM
Well, as long as they leave Pepper Ann and Doug alone, I'll be happy! :) Thanks for posting that Brett. :)

Brett Ferino
12-26-2001, 04:45 PM
Also, for people who are use to watching TIMON AND PUMBAA at its ten @ night position, TEACHERS PET is replacing it. So T&P will air at its other times as it normally does today when the new schedule begins.

Brett Ferino
12-26-2001, 04:52 PM
Also, BONKERS is replaced at its 4:30 afternoon slot by TEACHER'S PET if anyone did not know when that'll be on there.

Also, GADGET BOY is also not on the lineup too. It airs currently weekday mornings at 1:00AM, but then it won't air then. So I don't know when it will air or what time it will air or when it will start. We'll find out soon though. That's being replaced by BONKERS.

The last (or last airing for maybe a month or two or I don't know) of THE GUMMI BEARS will be at 5:30AM on Saturday, January 5, 2002. At 1:00AM that day, GADGET BOY will air one last time until a while.

Also, if you want to see THE GUMMI BEARS, TALE SPIN return, please ask TOON DISNEY here:

01-02-2002, 07:38 AM
If I was the head of Toon Disney, the schedule would look like this:

6:00 AM Gorgoyles
6:30 AM Quack Pack
7:00 AM Aladdin
7:30 AM Timon & Pumbaa
8:00 AM Bonkers
8:30 AM Ducktales
9:00 AM Gummi Bears
9:30 AM Care Bears
10:00 AM My Little Pony Tales
10:30 AM Quack Attack
11:00 AM Fraggle Rock (Cartoon Version)
11:30 AM The Wuzzles
12:00 PM Winnie the Pooh
12:30 PM The Little Mermaid
1:00 PM Quack Attack
1:30 PM Quack Attack
2:00 PM The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
2:30 PM The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
3:00 PM Gorgoyles
3:30 PM Quack Pack
4:00 PM Timon & Pumbaa
4:30 PM Aladdin
5:00 PM Gummi Bears
5:30 PM Ducktales
6:00 PM Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers
6:30 PM Darkwing Duck
7:00 PM Goof Troop
7:30 PM Talespin
8:00 PM Cowboys of Moo-Mesa
8:30 PM Quack Attack
9:00 PM Gummi Bears
9:30 PM Ducktales
10:00 PM Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers
10:30 PM Darkwing Duck
11:00 PM Goof Troop
11:30 PM Talespin
12:00 AM Bonkers
12:30 AM Cowboys of Moo-Mesa
1:00 AM Gorgoyles
1:30 AM Quack Pack
2:00 AM 101 Dalmations
2:30 AM 101 Dalmations
3:00 AM Mighty Ducks
3:30 AM Mighty Ducks
4:00 AM Hercules
4:30 AM Hercules
5:00 AM Care Bears
5:30 AM The Wuzzels

Note: This schedule is subject to change