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10-15-2010, 01:57 PM
I keep thinking about Susannah Chase and the episode of Sensing Murder that I saw profiling her cold case murder. I've been trying to find info but haven't been having much luck so far.

Basically, this young woman was found murdered in an alley. There were no leads and no suspects. It was eventually profiled on the show Sensing Murder, where two psychics work the case independently, then at the end of the program, each psychic presents what she found. The two psychics are Pam Coranado and Laurie Campbell.

As usual, I don't remember the details, but this one really stands out because it was eventually solved, proving that both psychics were completely off in their visions.

Anyone remember this? I want to be able to compare what really happed with the incorrect info supplied by the psychics.


10-15-2010, 02:02 PM

This site has her picture and says it's been solved, but they didn't present an update about how it was solved, when it was solved, who the killer was, etc. (I've removed personal addresses and phone numbers from the following info I copied from the site and replaced them with these: .....)

At 3:40 a.m. Sunday, December 21, 1997, the Boulder Police Department was called to the 1900 block of the alley between Spruce and Pearl Streets on the complaint of an injured person in the alley. Officers arrived and found a young woman lying in the alley, bleeding from the head. The woman was transported to Boulder Community Hospital. She was admitted critical condition due to head injuries. She died late Monday night, December 22, as a result of those injuries. The victim was Susannah Chase, a 23-year-old CU student who lived at..... Ms. Chase was originally from Stamford, Connecticut. She was a junior at CU, majoring in American Studies.

To date, the Boulder Police Department has spoken with more than five hundred people regarding this homicide. Those interviewed were contacted as a result of canvasses, tips, and other information sources.

There was DNA recovered from the crime scene which may help in identifying a suspect in this homicide. To date, the Boulder Police Department has submitted samples for more than 50 people to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation or Cellmark Diagnostics, Inc. for comparison. In addition, the crime scene DNA has been compared to existing Colorado and national criminal DNA databases. The Colorado database alone, contains more than five thousand samples. As of this date, no match has been made to the evidence.

Among other specialist, Connecticut State Crime lab criminalist Dr. Henry Lee has reviewed the evidence in this case. Both the CBI lab and FBI lab have examined over 100 items of evidence in this investigation.

The Boulder P.D. department is requesting anyone with information regarding the murder of Susannah Chase to call the Boulder Police Department at....

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Chronology: The Susannah Chase murder
Jan Torpy,
Denver Post research library
POSTED: 01/28/2008 01:00:00 AM MST

Jun 27: Guilty verdict in Boulder slaying of Susannah Chase

Jun 26: Alcalde guilty on all counts in 1997 Chase murder

Jun 11: Suspect in CU slaying says he would have fled to Chile

Apr 9: DNA from Chase murder weapon matches suspect's ex-girlfriend

Mar 17: Suspect in '97 rape, killing says he would've fled if guilty

Sep 4: Court date delayed for suspect in '97 Boulder slaying

Aug 21: No death penalty for Alcalde

Aug 7: Family: Immigrant a scapegoat in '97 Boulder killing

Jun 13: Waived hearing may signal deal in murder case

Jun 12: Key hearing waived in Susannah Chase murder

Feb 13: Accused killer in Chase case formally charged

Jan 30: Chase suspect was in Denver jail 6 months

Chase suspect was in Denver jail 6 months

Dec. 21, 1997: Susannah Chase, 23, is found beaten in an alley near her home at 18th and Spruce streets in Boulder about 3:40 a.m.

Dec. 22, 1997: Chase dies.

January 1998: Boulder police bring in an FBI psychological profiler to help find the killer.

Jan. 29, 1998: DNA from semen is found on Chase's clothing.

Aug. 10, 2000: In Laramie County, Wyo., Diego Olmos Alcalde attacks a young woman outside her apartment. He chokes her to keep her from screaming, but she manages to honk her car horn and alert her family. Police catch up to him a short time later. The victim and her family identify him as the attacker. He is charged with kidnapping and later convicted.

January 2001: Boulder police announce that famed criminologist and forensics expert Henry Lee will consult with them about the Chase case.

Aug. 22, 2003: The Wyoming Supreme Court reverses Alcalde's conviction because during jury deliberations a juror had to take leave because of a medical condition, and the trial judge erred by allowing an alternate juror to enter the jury's deliberations after they had started.

Jan. 20, 2004: Police release a DNA test used to create a racial profile of Chase's killer.

Sept. 24, 2004: Alcalde is sentenced to seven to 10 years in prison after being retried and convicted.

July 2007: Alcalde is paroled and later allowed to move to Colorado.

Sunday: Alcalde is arrested in the death of Chase.

10-15-2010, 02:16 PM

Article regarding these same two psychics working on the Bobbie Olberhozer/Annette Schnee orange sock murders. This mentions the Susannah case, but doesn't go into any detail.


Changing detectives' minds is "the most rewarding thing about the show," Coronado said.

"The detectives sign on because they're thinking about the national exposure," she said. "It's fun to get their attention. They turn around and start paying attention."

She said their involvement has produced some new leads in other cases featured on the show. "Sensing Murder" did a segment on the 1997 slaying of University of Colorado student Susannah Chase; Coronado said police invited her to return and consult on that case and possibly the JonBenet Ramsey case.


I don't remember their work producing any new leads in the Susannah Chase murder. Best I can recall, they were just 100% totally off in their readings.

08-08-2012, 06:44 PM
[QUOTE=TracyLynnS]I keep thinking about Susannah Chase and the episode of

As usual, I don't remember the details, but this one really stands out because it was eventually solved, proving that both psychics were completely off in their visions.

Anyone remember this? I want to be able to compare what really happed with the incorrect info supplied by

Actually I just saw this episode. You should review the show. The psychic whose name was Lori or Laurie was pretty accurate. The other psychic - not so much except for a couple of points. Both saw an older model car - Alcade was driving an old Datson 280z. They have not recovered the car however, didnt need it to convict him in the end. I don't think anything they saw helped solve the case. It was when Alcade's DNA was entered into the system from another assault he committed, which is what convicted him in the end. He is serving life. I hope he is miserable.

10-07-2012, 12:12 AM
I just finished watching the episode of Sensing Murder which features Susannah Chase and they were right on the money on the discription of the subject.. They don't mention any of this in the news or many websites because non of it could be use in court, in other words any "Psychic Readins" is dismissible in court. Also the Psychic's describe exactly how the attacker looked like right down to the fact that he wore glasses and what weight and bulid he was all of which was all correct! I also looked around on other sites which say that while on trial for the murder of Ms Chase, they were looking for a dark blue older model car he was driving at the time of they believe he attacked Ms Chase, and records show that the car he had been driving had been sold in an auction in Denver and they where having a hard time locating it. Which again the Psychic's also told the detectives about. I think you need to watch that episode again to freshen up your memory!