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08-15-2008, 02:34 PM
I am going to refrain from calling this individual a bad trader because there is clearly something (and I hope I say this politically correct) not normal with the man (which you can easily discover by spending a moment at his website, although his website is down currently). I'm guessing high functioning autistic. I do give him some credit for sending me something (althought it was not what I asked for, more on that later) But I would strongly beware of this trader. He has 2 posts from SO in 2005 under GameShowTapeTrader. He is Erik "Taz" Mokracek from Waretown, NJ. He also has several e-mail addresses for reasons unknown. Normally that would send up a red flag, but he has engaged with several successful trades in the game show trading circuit, so I took a chance.

The story goes a little something like this: Several months ago, I sent him my have list. He responded that he wanted pretty much everything on it. Needless to say, I was relunctant to send somebody I've never traded with that much stuff, so I suggested a small trade to start, and never heard back. Several months passed and I came to the realization that he was the only one actively trading what I wanted - several 1986 Press Your Luck episode, so I resumed negotations. He still wanted alot, but I was able to talk him down to a small trade. I sent my end rather quickly. Once he got my end, I asked for a timeframe on mine, and he said not to rush me. I said that doesn't qualify as rushing. A week passed and I heard nothing. I sent another e-mail and he said he would aim for 4-5 days from then. 2 weeks passed and nothing so I e-mailed him again asking if he had a timeframe for my stuff and he said that he was working on someone else's tapes. I responded with "that tells me nothing about my stuff" After over 4 weeks, I got my stuff, but nothing was what I asked for. When I e-mailed him about it, he said "sorry, I can't copy LP tapes" I responded with "what does LP tapes have to do with anything? If you have something on your have list and can't copy it, you should have given me a chance to select something else." He made no attempt to resolve the situation.

I should note that all the while our trade was outstanding, he didn't indicate on his website that he was currently involved in a trade (which means he could accept more tapes/dvd's)

here are his various e-mail addresses and such:
AOL: Jerseydevil33601, Ord91919802K20, Kimberly Walks, MaxTheMallMaster
AIM: Kimberly1798, Courtney1293, Britnee1797, AshKetchup2500, AmberLikesToWalk, KimberlyWalking, PSX Game Party 5, Pokemon Fan 9698, Ord91980200120, Ash Ketchup 2000
Yahoo: Kimberly_1798