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12-31-2006, 03:45 PM
This is a case I mentioned in the past. It is the case of a Lexington, Massachusetts woman named Virginia Douglas, who disappeared in September of 1988. To the best of my knowledge, it was given little or no national exposure. I once wrote to Unsolved Mysteries, suggesting that they do a story on the case, but to no avail.

Virginia's husband, Frank E. Douglas Sr., claimed that they went on an impromptu trip to Maine for the Labor Day weekend in 1988. Frank said he drove to a mall in Belfast, Maine to allow Virginia to use a restroom. The mall in question was where Virginia allegedly disappeared from.

However, cops have doubted that Frank was telling the whole truth, because parts of his story were suspicious. This included the claim that he bought lingerie, resumed his search for Virginia, and then purchased more lingerie items, telling the salesclerk that it was "an omen" for Virginia's return.

Another part of Frank's story that sounded suspicious was the claim that he let Virginia enter the mall to use the restroom. Cops asked him why he did that when he could have sent her to the restroom at the nearby McDonald's restaurant, which would have been more convenient. Frank said it was because Virginia preferred the department store restrooms.

The more you read about this case the more evident it is that Frank Douglas' story didn't make sense. Some of his children were so convinced that he was involved in Virginia's disappearance that they refused to speak to him.

Here are two profiles on the disappearance of Virginia C. Douglas (admittedly, her photos are blurry). I recommend reading the Charley Project profile, since it has more details that the profile at Doe Network.



11-18-2007, 12:10 AM
Yeah, it's pretty obvious what happened here.
And the fact she happened to disappear the day one of the children was coming from out of town.
He could've killed her a while back and the upcoming visit prompted him to make up the mall story.