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04-27-2001, 03:16 PM
what was the meanest thing you did to a friend or an enemy...why? what promted you to do it..what happened in the end?

but i cant think right now...

04-27-2001, 03:46 PM
I have done some very mean things. The worst thing I have ever done is so bad that decorum prevents me from discussing it here....

What prompts me to mean? Usually lots and lots of alcohol and my buttons pushed in just the right way.

04-27-2001, 10:10 PM
The meanest thing I've ever done? I have a reputation in my class as for being too nice http://www.sitcomsonline.com/ubb/smile.gif but I'm sure I did something really mean once. I'll try to remember http://www.sitcomsonline.com/ubb/biggrin.gif but all I can think of is probably giving a guy my friend's email address and the guy ended up emailing my friend about ten times a day non-stop! I don't think that went well with my friend and definitely not well when she found out I gave him the email address!

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04-27-2001, 10:34 PM
I tortured my college roommate after she started to practically turn into me. She started to like the same shows I did, wear the same things, use the same lotion, shampoo, etc. And she wrote nasty emails about me to her mother. Fortunately, I had a real good friend who wasn't too honest and she broke into my roommate's email and read what she wrote about me. Oh yeah, then she kept breaking into my email and changing my password. At first I thought it was just some weird glitch, but after the 3rd time? Oh, and when we moved out...never happened again. Coincidence? I think not. She made the last few months of my freshman year a living hell, so I kindly returned the favor by killing her with kindness. Then I transfered and never talked to her again. My mother warned me it wouldn't work...

04-28-2001, 11:38 AM
I've been asking all my friends and they said they don't remember me doing anything mean! I'm trying to remember... One thing I did was set up one of my friends with this new mexican boy, and they weren't able to say a word to each other... I don't know anything! Kenzie, if you're out there, help me! You're the only one I haven't talked 2 yet.

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04-28-2001, 12:31 PM
hmm i am really trying hard to think of one but i figured out that i just say mean or rude remarks and not actully do anything mean, i dont usually mean anything by if it is someone i dislike, yea i usually mean~o but i have tons mean things to my brother like the time i deleted all of his songs on napster(thats wht he got for stealing my fireworks, cuz our parents found his...haha) and i thought of one one time i stole my ex bff boyfriend(we were bffs at the time though) see he kissed me the night before she asked him out and he said yes because he thought it would get closer to me cuz we both liked each other and we went to a carnival him me my ex-bff and we both said we had to go the bathroom and we ran off and made out and the next day he dumped her and asked me out, how could refuse...haha so it was mean but we were sorta ending our friendship, guesse that tied the knot(i live on her street and i am moving to a different house so i am happy)

04-28-2001, 03:49 PM
I drowned a spider soap. I still feel bad about that.

Me,Myself and I
04-29-2001, 08:51 PM
THe meanest thing Ive ever done is torture my sis like when we come out of a sad movie I talk about the sad parts just to get her bugged coarse she bugs me 2 so now were almost even...

05-01-2001, 06:31 PM
OOOoooh, This should be interesting... Hmmm, well earlyer this year a kid keapt cursing me out, and it was in school but school was out. So when her got up and put his backpack on and started down the hall i used my newfound karate schools to kick him in the back and his glasses were in has backpack and he wouldnt let me pay and so when they asked me why i did it i said, Bacase i was mad and wanted too have fun.

Also, i regret not doing this one. My 10 year old cousin asked me to open her coke but she accidentially got a corona instead... I didnt, but i should have!

I was mad at my Best friend and screamed, "she has a big ass, the biggest... She loves every living breathing human on earth!" And then somebody else said "Even girls?" And i said " Oh yes, and bobby i pity you, she actually likes you!" But that was after she turned into a Skitzo!

I told my friend an awfull story (she was 12 at yhe time.... wimp) About how somebody was killed in the woods by her house, and forced her to go out and walk in the woods. She was so scared it was stupid.

Thats it... Not much there, oh well.

05-02-2001, 06:27 PM
Well there is so many times I have been mean to people. Just the other day in my 2nd block Chemistry class there is thiss girl named Kelly and she is how should I say this nicely rather large and I seen her cap and gown and the size that was on it was GML and my friends are like hey Jess go ask Kelly what GML means. So I ask her and she says I don't know and I said does it stand Gigantic Mighty Large. The whole class laughed excpet for Kelly. If I think of anymore I will tell you guys.

05-02-2001, 06:35 PM
Oh there was this one. Well there was this boy named Gary and he had a crush on me and I was flattered but I hated his guts at the time and I still do. But he writes me this love letter and gives it to me I was on the bus so I rip the letter up in his face and throw the ripped paper at him. He started crying after that. I never even read the letter.

05-02-2001, 06:46 PM
Well in my town there is this guy named Don Utley. He can't talk plane. Everyone makes fun of him. They quack at him. He will get real mad and throw rocks. The reason they quack at him is because he was at mcdonalds one time and ask for a big quack instead of a big mac. Well this past halloween we went and tipped his camper over where he lives and he got mad and came after us. Just a couple of weeks ago we was on the bus after school and we seen him walking so we but down the window and quack at him. He grabs the back of the bus while it is going down the road. There was this other time I was in K-marts with my two cousins they tell hey look there is Don Jess and I quack at him and he goes through the store a chasing us. We finally get away from him. See I do all kinds of mean stuff.

05-06-2001, 01:14 PM
http://www.sitcomsonline.com/ubb/smile.gifdoody http://www.sitcomsonline.com/ubb/smile.gif

05-06-2001, 07:16 PM
well hahaha muhahaha i am very mean
ill start w/ the most recent thing i did
well yesterday me and my cousins paid these 2 little kids to fight and if they made the other one bleed they got doritos so the one kid was chasin the other one and the little one slipped and broke his nose there was blood everywhere and we didnt do anything about we just laughed until my cousin's boyfriend walked him home lol

I am mean to my teacherz too
I got kicked out of band for a week and i got detention in math for makin fun and annoying my teacherz
and I get sent down to the office every day for makin fun of people hahha


Me,Myself and I
05-06-2001, 08:18 PM
I wanna change myn, one time I was at the YMCA with my friend taking a shower in one of those shower room things, I kicked off my sandle and it hit a really fat naked lady it was an accident but it was still mean...

05-07-2001, 01:15 AM
The meanest thing I've ever done was, well there was this girl in my class that kept asking me if I like this other girl and I was like yes and this girl kept asking me this then one day she told my other friend that I didn't like her and so then I wrote the girl a note and said I do like you and I didn't want to be mean to either of the girls but in the note I said some hurtful things about the girl who told the other girl I didn't like her and then she ended up seeing the note and I didn't want her to becuase I wasn't trying to hurt anyones feelings and I wish I didn't write that but were all friends now.

I hope that didn't confuse you all.

05-07-2001, 09:31 PM
I have done so many mean things before but the most resent one was when i was friends with this one girl named jerrilynn, and she wasn't exactly the most popular and atractive girl in the school. so over time she started bitchin and stuff so one day she did something tha pissed me off so much till we were outside my 4th period and she said something and i said a few unpleasent things about her and a few embarising secrets about her and she told me to f off and i pushed hher down the stairs and i said a few things and walked off to my 4th period and left her there crying. Now we'er cool with each other but she still ticks me off a bit. but i still wish that i would have just walked off and let her guilt get to her insteed of my fists.

05-14-2001, 04:05 PM
Alright, I've been waiting for a while thinking of the meanest thing. I do alot of mean things, but I felt this was the meanest cause it made him cry..

My brother was 7 at the time. I had one of my friends that has sloppy handwriting write love letters. I kept on making them more twisted each one. And the last one I wrote said
"Violets are blue
Roses are Red.
I'll still love you when you're dead."
(I shoved them in his bookbag) That night I heard him crying for his mom. So I went up there and confessed. He didn't believe me, so I had to comfort him all night and tell him I'd never let anyone get him.

I don't know why, because I've done meaner things (Imo) but this one stuck out...I guess it's because I had never made anyone cry before.

05-14-2001, 04:08 PM
Oh yea, I did it cause I read it somewhere and wanted to see if it would freak him out.

Joanna Marie_1
05-14-2001, 06:07 PM
Mine is similar to that one! Me and my friend wrote this love letter to this gurl we hate and we put stuff like "I dream about you every nite" and "You are my reason for living" and a bunch of nasty stuff you know to spice it up! Then we signed it "your secret admirer"! Then we put it in her locker and she believed it and carried it around with her for like a year...it was sooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!! I have done a lot of other mean stuff too just ask nancymckeonfan8976......she knows!

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