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Brian Damage
06-27-2005, 10:53 AM
Joey is on the set of "Deep Powder" but the fate of his character is still unknown (remember in the Season 1 finale, they mentioned that one character on "Deep Powder" would die). He is shooting an important scene that involve a death... will it be Joey's character? One extra, named Zach, tries to cheer him up in the hope Joey will help him (Zach) get a line to say. Zach will give Joey some tips about how to live as an actor in Hollywood. Source: Spoilerfix.com

06-28-2005, 11:44 PM
Yeah, this is the spoiler I passed along to Spoilerfix. I can't believe I forgot to post it here.

Here's the post I made to Friends Boards once I got the spoilers:

I have some sides (script pages) for the first two scenes of an episode for next season. In them, we are introduced to a character named Zach, who I can't help but think is the David Spade-ish character who's supposed to appear. Judging from his dialogue and personality, he seems to be. If it is him, I can't really tell from these two small scenes how good the character will be. He does have some genuinely funny lines, but there's also some potential for him to get annoying, if he's not written consistently.

I would assume this is the second season premiere, but the pages aren't labeled with any episode title (just "Zach scenes"), and Scene A doesn't pick up where any of the subplots in "JAT Moving In" left off. It's possible that these scenes were written in advance for the sake of auditioning the Zach character, and aren't really the first two scenes of what will eventually air as the season two premiere, especially since the two scenes don't seem to flow one after the other.

I don't want to type out all the pages right now, so I'll leave you with a small summary of what happens. Joey is on the "Deep Powder" set, having just finished filming his character's death scene, and he's surrounded by extras dressed as severed bodies (for the record, Joey's character appears to have died from an ax blow to the head). He's on the phone with Bobbie, wondering if the "Deep Powder" producers have made him a counteroffer for season two yet. They haven't. This may be some of the aftermath of Joey leading in the online poll in the season finale.

One of the extras in his scene tells him not to worry, he's much bigger than this show. This is Zach, a fellow aspiring actor, but Joey doesn't know him yet. There's a funny moment where Zach tries to get Joey to persuade the director to give him a line, even though he's playing a decapitated corpse.

The next scene takes place the day after. Zach's driving Joey in his car, and there's a dog in the backseat. Joey asks how Zach can afford a late-model Porsche. Zach says he can't, but it makes people think he can, so it "opens doors" for him in the acting community. Joey: "Ugh, I can totally afford my car. I'm so stupid."

We learn that Zach is driving Joey to Quentin Tarantino's house, so he can hook Joey up with him. As Joey and Zach talk about this, it's obvious Zach doesn't really know Tarantino. Joey insists the guy won't talk to them, but Zach says he will, because they have his dog (the one in the backseat). It turns out Zach kidnapped Tarantino's dog so Joey could return it to the guy and meet that way. Zach makes a little speech about how as an actor in Hollywood, you can't always just sit around waiting for auditions, you have to make your own opportunities. Joey is convinced and is ready to return Tarantino's dog. End of scene.

Hopefully, Izzy or someone from Spoilerfix can shed a little more light on what's supposed to come from this episode.