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03-28-2005, 11:01 PM
from TVShowsonDVD.com (http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=3177) -

Proving that "reapers are anything but grim company" (Cleveland Plain Dealer), this "deliciously dark comedy about the afterlife" (Newsday) returns for "a second season as strong as its first" (Philadelphia Daily News). Thanks to breakout star Ellen Muth's prickly charm, Dead Like Me has "an amusingly odd and touching energy all its own" (Detroit News and Free Press).

After more than a year as a grim reaper, George (Muth) has realized that being a teenager in the afterlife is as complex as in real life. There are still unrequited crushes, agonizing dilemmas and the occasional bad attitude. Along with her kooky "co-reapers" Mason, Daisy, Roxy and Rube, George struggles to collect souls while managing her own awkward development.into an adult reaper!

Dead Like Me - The Complete 2nd Season makes its way onto DVD in a 4-disc box set containing all 15 episodes from the show's final season:

* Disc 1: "Send in the Clown," "The Ledger," "Ghost Story," "The Shallow End"
* Disc 2: "Hurry," "In Escrow," "Rites of Passage," "The Escape Artist"
* Disc 3: "Be Still My Heart," "Death Defying," "Ashes to Ashes," "Forget Me Not"
* Disc 4: "Last Call," "Always," "Haunted," Bonus Material

Bonus Material? You betcha! You'll find a "Dead Like Me.Again" Featurette, a "Putting Life Into Death" featurette, Deleted Scenes, and a Photo Gallery. $49.96 is the list price for all of this. Dead will rise on store shelves this July 19th.

there's the package artwork on there too !

04-06-2005, 09:36 AM