View Full Version : Joey and the ratings week 12

Brian Damage
12-12-2004, 11:15 PM
If Joey's ratings were fair before, they were poor on Thursday night. The twelfth new episode of the series tumbled to yet another record low, pulling an estimate of just a 7.0 rating and an 11 share, down noticeably from last week's 7.4/12. Erosion in its Thursday night lineup after Friends was a given for NBC, but the network never could have imagined that by December, its opening hour of comedies would be reaching just seven percent of television households. With an estimate of only 10.2 million viewers, Joey ranked seventh for the night, as shown by the preliminary ratings.

1. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: 18.4/28

2. Without a Trace: 12.9/21

3. ER: 12.2/20

4. Survivor: Vanuatu, Islands of Fire: 11.9/19

5. The Apprentice 2: 10.5/16

6. Will & Grace: 7.1/11

7. Joey: 7.0/11

CBS continued to distance itself from the competition by averaging a 14.4/23 over primetime, devastating NBC's second-place 9.9/15. As of last week, Joey ranks nineteenth in the season-to-date ratings with an 8.8/14 average. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has a stranglehold on the number-one spot with a 17.9/27, while Joey is the number-three sitcom behind Everybody Loves Raymond and Two and a Half Men. Like virtually every program, Joey will avoid the low-ratings holiday season and return with its next new episode in January.